4 benefits of route optimisation

There are a lot of route planners on market that are little more than sequencing tools. Route optimisation by The Algorithm People goes beyond basic route planning to deliver bigger benefits and better savings. Here are four ways in which route optimisation can benefit your business:

  1. Up to 20% reduction in fleet fuel consumption

Our route optimisation software is proven to reduce real-world total fleet fuel consumption by up to a fifth. For higher-mileage operations, fuel is probably the biggest overhead. For these companies, a 20% reduction in fuel represents a significant saving. This also results in a corresponding cut in emissions, which helps reduce your fleet’s impact on urban air quality and climate change.

  1. Up to 33% increase in productivity

Some companies use route optimisation to increase productivity rather than focus solely on reducing fuel. Our solution is specifically designed to help companies providing home delivery, logistics, or mobile service engineers to achieve productivity increases of up to 33%. This is achieved in three ways:

(a)    Route optimisation is far more efficient than manual transport planning or job scheduling. It’s much quicker and delivers superior results

(b)   The reduction in total fleet mileage we deliver means less wasted time, translating into more deliveries and collections per vehicle, or more appointments for service engineers

(c)    Route optimisation ensures that you make the best use of every resource at your disposal. This results in increased vehicle utilisation, meaning that we assign more cargo to each vehicle. In one case our algorithms enabled a home delivery company to move from six delivery slots per vehicle per day, to eight

  1. EV investment made easy

The Algorithm People are experts at making the switch to electric vehicles easy and cost-effective. Our software can analyse data on your existing operations to accurately identify which vehicles and routes are most suitable for EVs – in some cases, we can even recommend which EVs you should purchase.

Once you have deployed the EVs, our algorithm optimises them just like it does for the rest of your fleet. We focus on maximising the number of “electric miles” you can achieve, thereby optimising your environmental and financial return on investment.

  1. Integrated fleet management

Route optimisation is designed to easily integrate with third-party software, such as telematics, vehicle tracking, and fleet management solutions, as well as vital office systems you use to run your business. For resellers and partners, we provide access to our algorithms via an API key, so you can easily incorporate route optimisation into your wider customer offering – we can even white label it for you.

If you are interested in finding out more, we offer a FREE consultation where we take some of your data and apply our algorithms to show you the precise potential benefits to your vehicle operations. Please get in touch with us to arrange yours.