Change anxiety and EVs

The phrase ‘range anxiety’ came into popular use around 2010, at almost the same time as the first of the new wave of electric vehicles (EVs) emerged. One question encapsulated concern over this new low carbon technology: “What happens if I run out of battery charge?”.
Since those early days, EV charging infrastructure has greatly improved; and we have data providing hard evidence that lithium-ion batteries do not drastically lose their energy storage capabilities during the typical fleet ownership cycle of three to five years.
Nowadays, most fleet and transport managers fully understand the capabilities of modern EVs – and can put them to good use in a wide range of applications. Therefore, range anxiety is no longer the main barrier to wider adoption. In fact, in our recent discussions with public and private sector fleet managers, one of their biggest worries is what we are defining as ‘change anxiety’.
Change anxiety is the legitimate concern that, if a fleet invests in EVs now, the technology could soon be superseded by higher-performing and lower-cost vehicles. This is leading to fleet managers holding off on buying perfectly good EVs today, in case something better comes along tomorrow.
The team behind The Algorithm People has won awards for developing route optimisation software designed to help to tackle range anxiety; now we want to help fleet managers overcome change anxiety, too. Our route optimisation solution enables you to identify the routes and vehicles most suitable for electrification, based on the performance of EVs which are already available.
More importantly, once you have purchased EVs, our algorithms ensure that you make the best possible use out of them. Every mile travelled by an EV instead of a petrol or diesel vehicle helps cut carbon and improve air quality, as well as saving money on fuel. We can help you build a solid business case for investing in EVs now, because we can accurately model your environmental and financial return on investment.
As new electric vehicles enter the marketplace, we add them to our fleet optimisation software, meaning that you always have the most up-to-date and accurate data to inform your purchasing decisions.
Change is inevitable; but we can help ensure that it isn’t costly or cumbersome for you. Contact us to discuss a free fleet consultation – we’ll take a portion of your fleet data and run it through our algorithms to demonstrate the potential savings you could make by switching to EVs.