Daily vehicle checks made easy

Transport and fleet operators have a legal duty to ensure all commercial vehicles are roadworthy.

In the UK, enforcement is carried out by the DVSA, which stops and checks more than 20,000 trucks per annum. The DVSA estimates that having a vehicle stopped can cost owners and operators up to £4,000 per day, per vehicle.

For truck operators, it is mandatory to carry out daily vehicle inspections, by following a 24-point checklist. Operators are also obliged to keep records of any defects and subsequent repairs.

However, many organisations mistakenly believe that a company’s light commercial vehicles (LCVs) do not require daily vehicle checks. This is not the case – while the checks are not mandatory, the DVSA still recommends that they are carried out for vans. Failure to ensure that LCVs are roadworthy can also lead to serious consequences.

The DVSA stops and checks around 15,600 LCVs every year. If a vehicle is found to be defective following a check – or an accident – this can lead to fines and custodial sentences for the driver, the transport or fleet manager; and even the company’s directors.

The DVSA recommends that van and LCV operators carry out a daily check of each vehicle before it is driven, taking into account safety-critical systems such as steering, brakes and tyres, as well as operational systems such as lights, battery and wipers.

The Algorithm People can help make both van and truck daily walk-around checks quick and easy with our mobile apps. Drivers can complete the check using their smart phone and upload the results so that transport managers can view them in real time. These digital checks speed up the entire process and eradicate the risk of the paperwork getting lost.

The key benefits of our daily vehicle check apps are:

·         Faster, digital process

·         Improves DVSA compliance

·         Far less printing and document storage

·         Minimises the risk of losing documentation

Through our development and fleet management expertise, The Algorithm People can provide bespoke mobile applications for vehicle checks. We have a track record of providing user-friendly, cost-effective apps – and can work to tight time frames.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our mobile apps can help your business, please talk to us.