Future of Work Podcast

What does the future of transport look like?

We were invited to answer that question on the fantastic Future of Work podcast, produced for The Scotsman newspaper. In this episode, our CEO, Colin Ferguson, explains how we are transforming last mile logistics.

Colin outlined his vision of the near future, where fleets and organisations have made the switch to electric vehicles, where drones deliver pharmaceuticals and takeaways – and where algorithms and AI such as My Transport Planner are used to plan and schedule deliveries.

Colin said: “Rather than three or four people planning fleet movements for a day, that can be done in a few minutes with an algorithm. That allows those people to be deployed to provide a better value-added service to the customer and to do things more efficiently.”

He added: “In the future, there will definitely be a situation where we allow algorithms to do more of the manual work we have historically done ourselves.”

You can read more and listen to the podcast here.

The Algorithm People was recently named in JP Morgan’s Top 200 Female-Powered Businesses and Colin has featured in GreenFleet magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the sustainable fleet sector for four years in a row. In addition, the company was a Great British Fleet Awards winner for its innovative My Transport Planner pay-as-you-go route optimisation platform.

The business is also collaborating with other leading edge companies to transform last mile logistics. The Algorithm People and if.Vehicles have signed a partnership agreement to work together to reduce costs and emissions from the last mile. if.Vehicles is the developer of the world’s only dismountable and transformable zero emission vehicle platforms, while The Algorithm People is a leader in optimisation software, which helps delivery companies to be as efficient as possible.

By bringing their technologies together, the two businesses aim to enable mobile transient hubs – a new logistics solution where vans or light trucks become mobile hubs, meeting much smaller, electric vehicles such as those from if.Vehicles on their routes.

The Algorithm People are open to offers of collaborations on projects including real-world demonstrations, enhancing an existing technology, or developing a completely new solution. Organisations interested in finding our more should contact sales@thealgorithmpeople.co.uk.