New virtual planning service

The next generation of virtual planner, My Transport Planner will deliver optimised results back into your inbox on demand and provide all the benefits of optimisation without the hassle of implementation.

This will be a pay-as-you-go service, where you can buy credits and optimise your jobs and resources without a fixed term contract. This allows organisations large and small from all business sectors to generate savings and efficiencies up to 30% without the need to install any software.

This can make My Transport Planner self-funding from the outset, as the cost of the service is lower than the savings the technology generates. There is no up-front investment, no software and no hassle.

My Transport Planner works by the user buying credits, which can be spent in three ways: Transport planning for small businesses to help save time and money; automated job sequencing to reduce mileage and improve productivity; and fully automated planning to deliver the best possible savings.

This service, to be launched imminently, will make transport planning easily accessible and affordable to businesses and organisations everywhere.