Our Story Continued

For the next ten years and with help from a team of experienced software professionals; the business grew to over 30 employees, supporting not just small and medium size enterprises, but some of the largest transport and logistics companies in the UK, winning numerous awards and accolades along the way.

Then, in 2009 and as a natural progression to providing software solutions for the transport and logistics sector; Sarah and Colin spotted another gap in the market, this time for optimisation and the automated planning of resources and assets using algorithms. The manual planning of jobs and people and the deployment and procurement of the right vehicles, can be time consuming and inefficient.
To solve this problem, Route Monkey was formed along with cutting edge algorithms to optimise and automate the planning process, with the ability to generate proven savings and efficiencies of up to 30%. Route Monkey has gone on to provide its algorithms and services to over 500 transport and logistics companies, retailers and multi nationals worldwide.

Efficient Software tools from The Algorithm People

Route Monkey was then acquired by Trakm8 PLC in 2015, where Route Monkey’s powerful optimisation algorithms were combined with Trakm8’s telematics and camera technology, to offer businesses and organisations a true end to end fleet platform. This platform now has over 250,000 vehicles with telematics units fitted and over 100,000 vehicles being optimised each day.

Since the acquisition, Colin and Sarah have helped Trakm8 successfully deliver and implement many projects into the transport, logistics, automotive, retail and utility sectors and continue to work closely with Trakm8 and other partners; generating savings and efficiencies by introducing algorithms and services into organisations, including electrification of fleets.

This has inspired Colin and Sarah to set up their current venture, The Algorithm People, which helps all business types and organisations become more efficient through using Big Data, machine learning and algorithms to optimise resources and assets that cannot be done efficiently through manually planning methodology.

Algorithms can be complex and time consuming to set up and often organisations do not have the expertise to create or implement them to get the most out of their assets and resources. This is the problem the Algorithm People solves and in addition to over 20 years’ experience and a team of algorithmic, machine learning and Big Data experts; you can trust The Algorithm People to make your algorithm experience easy…

Efficient Software Tools and bespoke algorithms from the Algorithm People