Our Expertise Continued

Every member of our senior management team has been involved in solutions for the transport and logistics sector for over 20 years.

Our founders, Colin and Sarah Ferguson, have delivered optimisation solutions for major retail and logistics companies, generating proven savings of 20% in fuel expenditure and a 30% increase in productivity for one major fleet. They remain best-known for establishing Route Monkey, one of the first companies to use algorithms to provide highly accurate route optimisation and automated scheduling of resources and assets.

Route Monkey won several awards and developed a global client base of more than 500 customers, optimising more than 100,000 vehicles per day. It was acquired in 2015 by Trakm8, a leading provider of telematics and vehicle cameras.

Colin and Sarah then helped Trakm8 successfully deliver and implement many projects across a broad range of sectors. This experience ultimately inspired them to set up The Algorithm People, in order to provide cost-effective solutions to often highly complex transport and mobility challenges, including the electrification of fleets. They continue to work closely with Trakm8 as well as other trusted partners.

The Algorithm People also includes individuals with extensive careers in sales, product development and technical development, in the telematics, route optimisation and machine learning fields. With such a proven track record in fleet management solutions, you can rely on The Algorithm People to help you cut costs, increase vehicle utilisation, and reduce emissions.

The Algorithm People are solutions providers in the truest sense of the phrase – we solve problems.

In our experience, there is no such thing as a standard operation. Every fleet is unique; and every organisation takes a slightly different approach. Rather than adopt a β€œone size fits all” approach to route optimisation, our ethos is to use the technology and skills at our disposal to create the best possible solution for your business.

Deploying algorithm-based technologies such as fleet scheduling and route optimisation software can appear daunting. We are here to make it easy – at every stage of the process, from consultation, to implementation, to reporting.

As experts in the movement of people and goods, we can go beyond routing and scheduling software to provide additional solutions, including mobile apps; optimising ultra-low emission vehicles; and consultancy for modelling or scenario planning.