Route optimisation expert relocates to Newcastle’s prestigious innovation centre

28 June, 2021 Newcastle, UK:  The Algorithm People has moved to The Core, an innovation Hub within Newcastle’s unique 24-acre quarter called Newcastle Helix. The Helix, symbolically situated between Newcastle University and the County Council, is dedicated to businesses developing innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

Companies must submit to a rigorous application process to be accepted into The Core in order to prove that their work is sufficiently innovative and focused on meeting the future challenges of sustainable living.

“The Core is a highly collaborative place which is concentrating some of the brightest and most talented enterprises into the same place to give us the chance to collaborate and cross-fertilise,” says CEO Colin Ferguson.

“We are very proud to have been accepted into The Core’s community and we’re excited to investigate the potential of working alongside people who are engaged in solving other sustainability issues.”

The Algorithm People is a leader in transport optimisation, and the decarbonisation of our fleet sector.  It uses advanced mathematics, AI and machine learning to identify the most efficient use of vehicles, the appropriate applications for alternative drivelines and the maximum productivity for conventional and electric assets.

“The Core is designed to create an environment in which cutting-edge research meets commercial purpose,” says Ferguson. “At The Algorithm People, we do both. We take our advanced computer programming and make it immensely productive and useful for real-world fleets.”

The Algorithm’s award-winning optimisation software cuts fleet costs, fuel and emissions while ensuring the maximum productivity from vehicles. It can then identify the maximum and optimal placements of alternative driveline vehicles and ensure the most rapid return on investment.

An example of its work can be seen in this case study with Yorkshire Water.

“Our three pillars are optimisation, decarbonisation and innovation,” says Ferguson.

The Core has flexible office, events and meeting spaces, which fits with The Algorithm People’s approach to flexible working.

“We want to provide the very best facilities and a creative atmosphere for our people, but we also believe in minimising transport journeys and so support home working as well. The Core will give us a flexible and versatile base for our operations,” says Ferguson.