Top 40 for TAP!

The Algorithm People is one of the nation’s top 200 female-powered businesses, according to a new report from JP Morgan. The private bank ranked The Algorithm People at 40th place on its list. The Newcastle-based firm has a female managing director and chairman, and almost half of its senior management roles are held by women.

Sarah Ferguson, Managing Director and co-founder of The Algorithm People, said: “We’re delighted to feature so high up this list of female-powered businesses. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce is more creative – and it certainly works for us. We have grown from a start-up in late 2019 to working with large corporations like Selco Builders Warehouse and Yorkshire Water today.

“The transport, logistics and fleet management sectors we serve are still very male dominated, but we are seeing an increasing number of women in more senior roles. Reports like the JP Morgan Top 200 Female-Powered Businesses help to further shine a light on the impressive work women are doing in companies large and small, across the UK. Hopefully it will encourage more to follow in our footsteps.”

The Algorithm People works in two key areas. The company’s Decarbonisation Road Map helps vehicle operators to transition to electric vehicles in a cost-effective and evidence-based way, thanks to a unique blend of consultancy and data analytics. It is also the developer of My Transport Planner, the UK’s first fully pay-as-you-go route optimisation platform. Through smarter planning of vehicle loads and schedules, this web-based software saves van and truck operators up to 20 per cent on total mileage and up to 30 per cent on operational costs. As a fully pay-as-you-go platform, it is making route optimisation affordable and accessible for small and medium sized companies.

This is the first ever Top 200 Female-Powered Businesses Report by JP Morgan, analysing opportunities and challenges for UK women in businesses. Commissioned in partnership with growth company specialists Beauhurst, it takes a broader approach to considering the role of women in business, capturing a more diverse group of companies rather than focusing solely on female-founded firms. It reveals that high-growth, female-powered businesses raised a record £2.3bn in equity investment in 2020, up 41% from 2019.

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